How do I know what wig to buy?

How do I know what wig to buy?

For most ladies, making a choice is always a daunting task. How do I choose one from a list of 50 others? Just how???!!!! As you may already know, wigs come in various lengths, styles, shapes and sizes and this just complicates EVERYTHING!!!


My task today is to help you turn a nerve-wrecking exercise to an easier, enjoyable and fun one. As your resident Chief-Slay-Officer, this is something I help clients and potential clients with let's just say that, it doesn't really get easier even after buying a couple of wigs. So, let's dive right in....

First, you need to establish why you want a wig - is it a protective style or a fashion statement? Once you know exactly the need you are looking to fill with a wig, then decide on the look you want to achieve. This might involve finding a picture that perfectly captures the look you want so you can have a starting point. This is quite important as there are a ton of looks that can be achieved with wigs.

The following are some more considerations to make when trying to choose the right wig:
  • Lace size: The lace determines how natural-looking the wig will be, making it an important component of a wig system. Lace sizes are expressed as "length x width" measurements in inches ("). The popular sizes include 4 x 4”, 5 x 5”, 2 x 6” 13 x 4”, 13 x 6”, and 360 lace to mention a few. However, the bigger the size of the lace, the more complex it is to maneuver and style. Therefore, as a beginner, you want to find the right balance between lace size and the complexity of styling. Hence, we always recommend the simplest and easiest 4x4” lace size for beginners.

  • Hair length: Next, you must decide if you want a short look, a medium length, or a long fit. This is mostly aesthetics, however, hair length says a lot about the wearer. You should note that the longer a wig, the higher the cost but at EM Wigs, we do our best to offer hair wig systems for every budget. We offer both human hair and synthetic options.

  • Hair color: The next imperative step is to decide the color that you are comfortable wearing. As a beginner, it is almost certain that you would want the most natural look possible. For many colored ladies, it is natural black while many others want strawberry blonde or similar colors. As a wig connoisseur, I always advise starting with neutrals as you can never go wrong with them which EM Wigs carries.

  • Hair pattern: Although some ladies find this very important, I believe it is not the most important especially if you are buying a high-quality human hair wig from EM Wigs. This is because human hair wigs are very easy to maneuver, that is, even though you buy it with a curly pattern, you can straighten it out with the right tools, if you desire, and vice versa. The most common hair pattern are straight, curly and wavy. All other patterns are variations of these 3.


Lastly, wigs have a way of giving the wearer a "personality". Yours is to decide which personality you want and choosing the wig that suits it.

I hope this made it easier to determine what wig you are buying (next). Should you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact EM Wigs.

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