7 common myths about wigs - Demystified!

7 common myths about wigs - Demystified!

Are you scared of wearing wigs due to the horror stories you've imagined or heard? Come along with me as I demystify some of the common myths about wigs that many wig-newbies have stated as reasons that deterred them from committing to owning first wig.

Myth 1 (and the most common one!)

My wig will blow off with a heavy wind blow or get caught in a tree branch as I walk by, especially now that we have a snowstorm and windy episodes from time to time.


This is very far from the truth as a well-constructed wig will stay in place, especially with the invention of elastic bands (adjustable or non-adjustable) and an extra layer of security with a wig grip (silicone and suede fabric types). EM Wigs sells wig grips and you can find them here. Also, feel free to read more details on how to secure your wig here.

Myth 2

The hair strands in the wig will irritate my scalp resulting in intense itching and flaking.


This is not true, especially with high-quality wigs made with good-quality breathable wig caps that you find in your EM Wigs. These wig construction caps allow a high level of comfort and prevent irritability to the scalp.

Myth 3

My hair growth will be stunted when I wear a wig.


This is very false! Wigs are good protective styles and can help protect your bio-hair from damage. Wig wearing promotes hair growth by reducing manipulation from either styling or artificial pollutants that can hinder your hair growth. However, the key is to care for the bio- hair underneath your wig. Treat and wash it regularly and make it into cornrows from time to time. Do not leave it to mat and tangle.

Myth 4

Wigs are too much of an investment.


While we won't deny that wigs are a luxury item and don't necessarily come cheap, factoring how much you spend especially in a country like Canada and the United States to make your custom styles at the saloon makes having a wig a worthwhile investment.

There are also some cheap options to pick from such as premium synthetic wigs which are more affordable compared to premium human hair wigs. However, EM Wigs strives to bring you the best selection of human hair at budget-friendly prices.

Myth 5

All wigs require professional styling and that's too much work for me.


Caring for your wigs is similar to caring for your bio-hair. Sometimes wigs are way easier to style than bio-hair, especially when you choose to rock the EM Wigs errand wig and our Headband wig series. Wig maintenance is quite straightforward and if followed properly your favorite wig will remain vibrant and healthy looking for a long time. Also, you can skip the “stress” and send your wig to a local wig revamp service near you to save on time. Catch more maintenance and styling tips on our youtube channel


Myth 6

Everyone will know I am wearing a wig



Everyone isn't looking deeply at your head and policing you to know if you have a wig or not…lol. That said, there are ways to make your wig appear as natural as possible. One of them is applying a generous amount of your face foundation makeup product on the lace of your wig where the partings are located for a wig with lace to match your skin tone. For the EM Wigs errand wig and our Headband wig series, all you have to do is show some of your edges. Also, it is important to wear your wig closer to your natural hairline and farther away from your forehead so it looks more natural.

Myth 7

When choosing wigs, I must choose the exact color my hair is/was.


This isn't true. Since the EM Wigs brand of human hair wigs can be washed, colored, straightened, and curled, you can choose any color to start with and change it later on (as you please). This means that you can always try new things before assuming they won't fit. Wigs give a lot of flexibility and wearers should also be flexible and have fun while at it. After all, you only live once - YOLO!

Finally, it’s important to mention to first-time wig wearers, especially, that the wig industry has undergone revolutionary changes over recent years, which has made wig-wearing more comfortable and natural looking than ever. There have been so many new technologies and wig systems added to improve our lives.

If you are yet to get on with the easy life of wig-wearing, you’re missing so much, and now is a good time to take the plunge! You can start by browsing the EM Wigs store. We deliver to doorsteps in Canada and the US.

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