5 Ways hair serum protects & improves your hair during winter

5 Ways hair serum protects & improves your hair during winter

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The regular saying: your hair, your crown remains true always. Only that they forgot to specify which hair: our natural hair or our human hair wig but a wig addict will usually refer to the latter…lol.

But seriously, has your natural hair been suffering from dryness, breakage or thinning especially during the harsh winter season? I bring you good news as you are not alone! Winter season is not friendly on ALL hair types. Just as we protect our skin from harsh conditions, our hair also deserves protection from same.

Oh yes, sure you must be wondering, don’t the human hair wigs I wear, give just enough protection? Yes, wigs are perfect protective styles as you already know since they cover up the whole of your hair. Well, except of course you opt for the half wigs, buns or ponytails.


However, the hair underneath your wigs still need a great deal of care especially those which add moisture. Likewise, your human hair wigs need some care/protection to increase their life span. So, regular moisturization of our hair both natural and human hair wigs is the real game changer during the winter season. A great way to achieve moisturization is to apply Hair serum.

What are Hair serums? Just like skin serums, hair serums are hair products that contain nourishing active ingredients to the hair. So how do they work and how are they different from oils? While oils penetrate and nourish the scalp, hair serums protect and moisturize the hair. Therefore, hair serums greatly improve the overall condition of the hair. Typically, here are 2 types of serum: the oil-based and water (non-oil) based Serums. While oil-based give instant shine, water based absorb quicker for the active ingredients to be effective. The choice of serum you go for will totally depend on the end-result desired. Here’s five reasons you should invest in a hair serum product for the overall health of your hair.


1. For smooth and shiny hair: Hair serums enhances smoothness and improves hair shine. The ingredients in serum reflects light, which in turn makes your hair shinny and lustrous.

2. Tangle reduction: Hair serums reduce tangles as when your hair is smooth, the likelihood of tangle is low. The elements in serum can make your hair easier to manage, comb and style.

3. For overall protection: Hair serums protect your hair from damage by environmental pollutants. This is because hair serum forms coats on your hair, thereby protecting each strand of your hair from damage.

4. Moisturizing: As earlier mentioned, hair serums are moisturizing to your hair. When your hair is dry its prone to breakage, a little drop of serum can restore the moisture instantly.

5. Enhances bounce and curliness: There are different hair serums for different hair type. Some can enhance bouncy and curly hair. It’s always best to look for the right type of hair serum for your hair type.

It goes without the saying that too much of everything can be bad. Overusing hair serums can damage the hair, so it is important to find a right balance in the quantity and frequency of use to prevent damage. The best way to do this is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions as stated on the bottle. However, I would normally use 1-2 pumps of oil-based serum for my short kinky hair twice a week. I also use the water-based serum to revamp my hair wigs.

My name is Ayo O., an independent beauty consultant with AVON Canada and a content creator who focuses on beauty, health and lifestyle tips. You can connect with me on IG @norabelbeauty where I’ll be waiting to share more useful tips with you along side a coupon code to shop for your quality human hair wigs from EM Wigs.

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