5 Reasons you should wear the headband wigs

5 Reasons you should wear the headband wigs

Hello fabulous queen, how are you doing today? My name is Chinaza and I’m your storyteller/ host for today (loll).

It’s that time of the year again, festivity smells everywhere even though it’s not so loud this year due to the pandemic, it’s also that time of the year when it gets really cold and it’s advisable to wear protective hairstyles.

If you’re a naturalista like myself, you will understand the time taking regimen that we observe to keep our natural hair looking all peng and lovely. Sincerely on some days you may just not be in the mood to style your natural hair or may be you’ve run out of styling ideas (hahhaahha the struggle is real but we move regardless [loll]). This is why I’ve brought good news for you!!!


The “HEADBAND WIG” recently added to the EM Wigs product offering is the good news and I’m all for it…let me tell you why. I struggle with wigs a lot and I mostly use headbands or head wraps to style my wigs just because it helps hold them in place and also adds some extra black girl queen vibe you know (winks). So when I came across the headband wigs, I knew my struggle was OVER… So let me share 5 reasons you should totally rock the EM Headband wigs. The headband wigs are:


1. Easy to wear: You don’t have to be a pro to wear the Headband wigs. They take away the extra work of plucking and laying your wig frontals, with the headband wigs you don’t need any long protocols, just weave your natural hair nicely, throw on your headband wig and you’re ready to head out. They fit tight into your schedule


2. Convenient: The headband wig is so convenient to wear. You can wear it in 1-3 minutes and this makes it suitable even when you are running late for your zoom meeting…lol. The headband wig will “rescue” you and give you the grand entry your “highness” deserves. Watch a video on how to wear it here.


3. Suitable all year long: The Headband wig can be worn in all seasons, just style it with different headbands, head wraps or even hats and you will look all stylish.

4. Natural looking: The headband wigs can give a super natural look when you leave your edges out to play. This makes it super chic and NO ONE will know it's a wig...especially if you are wearing a length that is absolutely believable like our 12” kinky curly one.


5. Versatile: The Headband wigs are versatile….you can put all the hair in 1 bun, leave it hanging down or even have the hair in an half bun style. Also, you can decide to show all your edges or even cover them up! You can style them with different colours and designs of headbands or head wraps to give a different look every time.


EM wigs currently has 3 headband wig styles made of quality human hair and more styles will be added in the nearest future. The available headband wigs are the Straight headband wig, the Kinky straight headband wig and the Kinky curly headband wig. The good thing is that you can purchase these human hair wigs online and it will be delivered to you anywhere you are in Canada. Hurry now and grab one of the headband wigs for yourself or your friends as a Christmas gift, I’m very sure they will love it.


Thanks for reading my short story (smiles) and Compliments of the season.


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