2 Quick care tips for your Human hair wigs after a long day

2 Quick care tips for your Human hair wigs after a long day

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So, to the matter for today.....What do you do to your wig after a long day?

If you're like me, after a long working day, the first thing I (and many wig wearing ladies) do is to remove and toss our human hair wig on "the" famous chair or table, whichever is closest....lol. We all have that dumping chair in our rooms...yes, that one...you got it! haha


For the life span of your human hair wigs to be long enough, you need to care for them as you would any of your priced possessions. For their longevity, you can't afford to just dump them on your fav chair. Below, I share some tips that would help you care and store your wigs:

1. Comb or brush it briefly

Once you yank it off as you normally would, gently comb or brush it. This is to detangle it another day of bracing all sorts of conditions such as dust, rain, slow, wind, sweat to mention a few. Another helpful tip is to plait it into 4 or 5 parts if you have some extra time off your sleeves before throwing it down.

2. Then store the wig

I would be giving 2 ways by which you can store your wigs and I will tell you my preference and the reasons:

  • Mannequin: Wear your wig on a mannequin head to retain the shape and form. You can use a cheap styro-foam mannequin to store your wigs on a cabinet top where it will enjoy as much aeration as possible. Styro-foam heads are a staple in some Canadian (and many other countries) stores especially during the Halloween season, so be sure to plan ahead to get them. However, mannequins take up so much space especially if you have lots of wigs as you can only fit 1 wig on 1 mannequin.

  • Wig storage bag with hanger: Hang your human hair wig with a wig hanger and keep it somewhere safe. Alternatively, tuck it in a wig bag, zip it up after exposure to air for a bit and place on a cabinet. The storage bag is perfect because they keep your wigs safe, away from dust and moisture. It also aids in keeping your hair pattern intact and tangle-free before the next use.

Lastly I prefer the wig storage bag to mannequins because the bag frees up space in your closet as it takes less space compared to mannequins. Therefore, you can have many of them hung in your closet, looking all nicely arranged and not littering up the whole space. Also, you can fit 2 wigs in 1 storage bag unlike the mannequin.


Don't know how to use the bag? You can find a simple and well explained 1-min video on how to use the storage bags here. You can buy the wig storage bag here.

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